Mariela Arroyo



  • Partners South Accounting, LLC
    Suite 300
    1451 West Cypress Creek Road
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309


  • Office: 888.961.1040
  • Fax: 954.656.1106
  • Mobile: 305.978.2989

Other information

I was the CFO for a Spanish media company based in Miami from January 2004 – December 2010

We had operations in the US, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.  I oversaw a direct report of 14 people in the accounting department that reported directly within diverse verticals including Vice President of Sales, Legal Affairs and Marketing Departments.

  • Maintain budget for IT Department and Engineering
  • Co-chair daily meetings with the Chief Executive Officer and upper level management for operations in +140 affiliates in the US including 2 owner-operated stations in Miami and Los Angeles
  • Analyze daily sales quota
  • Supervise re-engineering of departments to cut costs and optimize resources
  • Partner with CEO to implement strategic planning, financial, legal and operational objectives throughout business
  • Meet with Legal Department to review cases and prioritize actions
  • Collaborate with five Vice Presidents of Sales twice per week to develop new accounts and implement tactics to grow corporate footprint.
  • Work with the Director of Human Resources daily to administer re-structuring, draft compensation and exit packages
  • Serve as liaison with internal/external auditors and counsel for litigation and due diligence work
  • Set schedules of Accounting Managers, Budget Manager and Treasurer
  • Define priorities, work-load and benchmark progress
  • Review financial data, budget, operational forecasts and Cash and Collections to ensure accuracy and measure actuals versus forecasts
  • Lead presentations to executives of subsidiary and parent company, Grupo PRISA
  • Direct due diligence teams to study optimal acquisitions; participated in negotiations and financing of several major acquisitions
  • Ensure state and federal legal compliance
  • Author SOP for purchase order and invoice approval.

I have seen every single aspect of a business from its financial preparation to legal issues with employees.  I have vast experience in financial statement preparation, review, budget forecasting, projections and human resource administration.

Prior to being the CFO and the media company I worked with the same group in a different division (Record Label) as controller from 2001-2003.

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